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Continuing to deliver excellence 10 years on

As reported in ACR Magazine in April 2020, a study by Greencold together with Climalife demonstrated that Friogel Neo heat transfer liquid had not deteriorated since it had first been in the system at Midlands-based Rea Valley Foods.  This was the UK’s first Mycom air-cooled low ammonia charge chiller (R717), with a variable speed drive for the compressor and its condenser fans to obtain even greater operational efficiencies.

Ten years on and the system continues to deliver excellent performance!  We installed 6000 litres of Friogel Neo liquid into the systen that cools Calcium Chloride Brine solutions, for immersion cooling food products in tanks.  Friogel Neo is a Monopropylene Glycol (MPG) and has a proven track record of reliability, cost and availability.

We’ve performed regular sampling and analysis of the fluid to ensure that no contamination or deterioration can occur in any way, and that it continues to serve its intended purpose as a heat transfer fluid.

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ACR Article - HTF with Staying Power!
Mayekawa Ammonia Chiller

Above: Mayekawa Ammonia Chiller installed in June 2011

Chiller Pumps and Tank

Above: Chiller, pumps and tank

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